The Mazer

The Mazer

C.K. Nolan

A lonely island. An historic manuscript. And a lust for power.

Take a wide cooking pot; upload a stunning island, its trusty population, a handful
of roots, a treequill, and a flagon of raging ambition. Stir all of it up, and
what have you ever acquired? The Mazer - a delusion secret set at the Island of Southernwood.

Man and tree stay in peace right here - or so it sort of feels. Oh convinced, any Southernwooder would
be happy to inform you of the island's bushes: grasp Ash, mythical ruler of
Ashenwood; nice Oak by means of Zossimo's previous greenhouse so as to Deep Dock; the
Yew of Yewlith in Westernwood; or nice Aspen, whose trunk bursts out of the roof
of the Albatorium construction in Southernwood City.

Now difficulty brews on our island. A mysterious message on a leaf haunts Silva, daughter of
Zossimo. a nasty treesmoke blows throughout the woods south of town. And at the
Albatorium, the consultation is plunged into political turmoil as an election is
held for a brand new Legator. And the outcome? A surprise for the consultation - yet no longer for
the trees!

Join Silva, Winifred the cook dinner, Filibert the Treasurer, Harold the bell ringer,
Bassan the Librarian, and plenty of different unforgettable characters in an enjoyable
fantasy quest. you are going to by no means examine one other tree in particularly an analogous approach again!

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