The Meaning of Life: A Very Short Introduction

The Meaning of Life: A Very Short Introduction

Terry Eagleton

The word "the which means of lifestyles" for plenty of turns out a old fashioned concept healthy for satirical mauling by way of Monty Python or Douglas Adams. yet during this lively Very brief Introduction, famed critic Terry Eagleton takes a major if frequently a laugh examine the query and gives his personal unbelievable answer.

Eagleton first examines how centuries of thinkers and writers--from Marx and Schopenhauer to Shakespeare, Sartre, and Beckett--have spoke back to the last word query of that means. He indicates, notwithstanding, that it's only nowa days that the query has develop into frustrating. yet rather than tackling it head-on, many folks do something about the emotions of meaninglessness in our lives by means of filling them with every little thing from soccer to intercourse, Kabbala, Scientology, "New Age softheadedness," or fundamentalism. nevertheless, Eagleton notes, many expert humans think that lifestyles is an evolutionary twist of fate that has no intrinsic which means. If our lives have that means, it's anything with which we be capable to make investments them, now not whatever with which they arrive prepared made. Eagleton probes this view of that means as one of those inner most company, and concludes that it fails to holds up. He argues as a substitute that the which means of existence isn't an answer to an issue, yet an issue of dwelling in a definite method. it's not metaphysical yet moral. it isn't anything cut loose lifestyles, yet what makes it worthy living--that is, a definite caliber, intensity, abundance and depth of lifestyles.

Here then is an excellent dialogue of the matter of that means via a number one philosopher, who writes with a gentle and infrequently irreverent contact, yet with a really severe lead to mind.

About the sequence: Combining authority with wit, accessibility, and magnificence, Very brief Introductions supply an creation to a couple of life's best themes. Written by way of specialists for the newcomer, they reveal the best modern puzzling over the crucial difficulties and matters in 1000s of key subject matters, from philosophy to Freud, quantum idea to Islam.

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