The Modern Gentleman: A Guide to Essential Manners, Savvy and Vice

The Modern Gentleman: A Guide to Essential Manners, Savvy and Vice

Phineas Mollod, Jason Tesauro

the trendy GENTLEMAN is a visually stimulating, rib-tickling, thought-provoking sourcebook of manners and mischief for the 21st-century male. The booklet bargains a breathtaking photo of the gentleman: witty and poignant, conventional yet spontaneous, flirtatious but dating. Discussions variety from the vintage (Motoring, Oenophilia) and severe (Secrets & Lies, the nice Husband), to the racy (Kink & Fetish, To the ability of three) and foolish (Bumper Stickers, Fonzarelli strikes & Legerdemain ). and because it truly is inevitable gentleman will dabble within the friskier components of extra, hassle, and probability, the book's naughty nucleus, “The effective Gentleman,” explores rest and dalliance, from alcohol and snuff to leisure botanicals and sex.All males aspire to be ceaselessly dapper, fluent in 3 languages, and hit 300-yard drives off the blue tees, let alone quote poetry via the stanza and win a back-alley scrap. although, there's a rushing plateau superior than Hollywood perfection, a degree of gallantry that makes one stand out, even within the elevator. So knot up your ascot, pour a pitcher of sherry, and crack open the fashionable GENTLEMAN: your guy Cycle is peaking.

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