The Monk Downstairs (Plus)

The Monk Downstairs (Plus)

Tim Farrington

Rebecca Martin is a unmarried mom with an condo to hire and a feeling that she has used up her illusions. I had the romantic factor with my first husband, thanks very much, she tells a hapless suitor. I'm thirty-eight years previous, and i have acquired a daughter studying to learn and a task i do not rather like. i do not desire the violin music. but if the hot tenant in her in-law house seems to be Michael Christopher, at the lam after two decades in a monastery and smack dab in the course of a depressing evening of the soul, Rebecca starts to suspect that she isn't as completely disenchanted as she had thought.

Her daughter, Mary Martha, is extremely joyful with the hot arrival, as is Rebecca's mom, Phoebe, a rollicking widow creating a new existence for herself one of the non secular eccentrics of the coastal city of Bolinas. Even Rebecca's ally, Bonnie, as soon as a proven cynic in concerns of the center, urges Rebecca on. yet none of them, Rebecca feels, is aware how complex and hazardous love really is.

As her not likely friendship with the ex-monk grows towards anything deeper, and Michael wrestles together with his melancholy whereas adjusting to a moment profession flipping hamburgers at McDonald's, Rebecca struggles together with her personal temptation to wish. however it isn't really until eventually she is mentioned brief by means of the realities of existence and dying that she starts to glimpse the genuine secret of affection, and the unfathomable depths of faith.

Beautifully written and playfully enticing, this novel. is ready one guy wrestling along with his craving for a lifetime of contemplation and the necessity for a lifetime of motion on the earth. yet it really is Rebecca's spirit, in addition to her relationships with Mary Martha, Phoebe, her irresponsible surfer ex-husband Rory -- and, after all, the monk downstairs -- that makes this tale shine.

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