The Myth of Autism: How a Misunderstood Epidemic Is Destroying Our Children

The Myth of Autism: How a Misunderstood Epidemic Is Destroying Our Children

Experts agree that the United States is in the middle of a aggravating epidemic of what has to date been clinically determined as autism. in exactly thirty years autism diagnoses have risen from 1 in 5,000 young children to one in a hundred and ten, based on the facilities for disorder keep an eye on and Prevention.

yet within the heritage of our society there hasn't ever been an “epidemic” of any developmental or genetic disorder—it is scientifically very unlikely. So what's this mysterious disorder referred to as “autism,” and the way will we cease it? Dr. Goldberg and his colleagues illustrate why autism can't be genetic, yet is a symptom of a treatable neurological affliction that assaults the brain’s immune process. Readers will come to appreciate:

     • Autism isn't mental or developmental, yet a scientific disease.
     • Autism is attributable to a disorder within the neuro-immune procedure and infrequently via secondary neurotropic viruses that influence the neuro-immune method and brain.
     • health problems similar to autism, ADD/ADHD, and protracted fatigue syndrome all have diversified “labels” yet are literally adaptations at the comparable factor: neuro-immune disorder syndromes (NIDS).
     • A NeuroSPECT test is a diagnostic instrument which, utilized in mixture with confirmed cures and coverings defined during this booklet, is saving lives this present day, whereas starting the door to new therapies.
     • What you are able to do to rework your personal lifestyles or the lives of your family.

Dr. Goldberg believes that during order to save lots of the following new release of kids from the incurable stigma of an autism prognosis, we needs to speedy notice that every one of those issues are the results of a curable disorder process.

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