The Naked God (The Night's Dawn)

The Naked God (The Night's Dawn)

Peter F. Hamilton

The Confederation is beginning to cave in politically and economically, permitting the `possessed' to infiltrate extra worlds.

Quinn Dexter is unfastened on the earth, destroying the enormous arcologies separately. As Louise Kavanagh attempts to trace him down, she manages to procure a few unusual and robust allies whose target does not rather fit her personal. The crusade to disencumber Mortonridge from the possessed degenerates right into a horrendous land conflict, the sort which hasn't been noticeable by means of humankind for 6 hundred years; then a few of the protagonists break out in a really unforeseen course. Joshua Calvert and Syrinx fly their starships on a project to discover the slumbering God -- which an alien race believes holds the major to overthrowing the possessed.

THE bare GOD is the bright climax to Peter F. Hamilton's awe-inspiring Night's sunrise Trilogy.

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