The Naked Shore: Of the North Sea

The Naked Shore: Of the North Sea

Like the Celtic and Nordic gods of the nations surrounding it, the North Sea has battered and bewildered, produced and supplied, broken and destroyed in equivalent degree. Its inclement climate and dangerous tides have made it a playground and a proving floor, a nursery and a grave, an item of veneration and a robust adversary. A sea like no different, it has formed our smooth international and but remained an analogous historic beast identified to the earliest population of its shores.

In North Sea, journalist Tom Blass trawls the ground and skims the waves of the North Sea, looking for all that glistens, enraptures, enrages, and appalls. He units out to satisfy the boys and ladies who've dedicated their lives to uncovering its secrets and techniques, from marine biologists learning the North Sea's submerged landscapes to the world's major specialist on Doggerland.

touring via tram, ferry, and twelve-seater airplane round the eclectic borderlands, Blass interviews neighborhood fishermen, ornithologists, and bomb-disposal specialists, taking pictures the wild, war-torn background of the North Sea, in addition to the ways that humanity has ecologically remodeled it via overfishing and the race for strength.

North Sea scatters mild into the sea's chilly and murky depths, exploring its wonders and its dating with humanity--from drug gangs to the Schleswig Holstein query to the sea's new position as a headline-grabbing environmental battleground.

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