The Nixon Tapes: 1973

The Nixon Tapes: 1973

Douglas Brinkley, Luke Nichter

The blueprint for Nixon’s downfall, in accordance with tapes published from 2010 to 2013, so much of that have by no means been released. whilst The Nixon Tapes: 1971–72 was once released in August of 2014, it jumped instantly onto the new york instances bestseller checklist & captivated media consciousness for its many revelations. Brinkley & Nichter’s heroic efforts to transcribe & annotate the highlights of over 3700 hours of recorded conversations supplied an exceptional window into the internal workings of a momentous presidency. Now, with a concluding quantity to hide the ultimate 12 months of the Nixon taping procedure, they inform the remainder of the story—once back with revelations on each web page, together with: how Nixon & Kissinger knew privately that the 1/73 Vietnam peace contract wouldn't carry, how Nixon & Kissinger expected the Yom Kippur battle, Nixon’s probability to ship a “division” of tanks to kill local american citizens on the Wounded Knee standoff & more...

With Nixon’s dominating 1972 reelection receding into the history & the Watergate scandal looming, The Nixon Tapes: 1973 finds the interior tale of the tragedy that the triumph.

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