The Nonborn King (Saga of Pliocene Exile, Book 3)

The Nonborn King (Saga of Pliocene Exile, Book 3)

Julian May

the tale started with a bunch of gifted misfits from the Galactic Milieu of 2110 A.D. who undergone a time portal, hoping to discover an idyllic international six million years in the past in Earth's Pliocene Epoch. as a substitute, they encountered exiled alien races-the knightly Tanu, who had made slaves of the time travelers,and the dwarfish Firvulag, fierce competitors of the Tanu. on the finish of The Golden Torc, one of the people, Felice Landry, engineered a gorgeous cataclysm, a flood that destroyed the Tanu capital and placed an finish to that race's domination of Pliocene Europe.

In The Nonbom King, Aiken Drum, a tender human with striking psychological powers, manages to usurp the Tanu throne. Aiken faces competition from human-hating Tanu, from unfastened people who distrust his incredible mind-powers, from the madwoman Felice, who has vowed to wreck him, and from the revitalized Firvulag, who now tremendously out-number the Tanu-human coalition that Aiken has patched jointly. Aiken's efforts to maintain his throne are complex by means of the looks of a brand new threat posed by way of survivors of the Metapsychic uprising of 2083, who, for the earlier 27 years, lived quietly in North the United States. Now those robust people, led by way of Marc Remillard, who virtually succeeded in destroying the benevolent Galactic Milieu, search to use the chaos in King Aiken's Many-Colored Land so that it will grab keep an eye on of the time-portal.


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