The Paperboy

The Paperboy

Pete Dexter

The sunlight was once emerging over Moat County, Florida, while Sheriff Thurmond name used to be came upon at the road, gutted like an alligator.  A neighborhood redneck used to be attempted, sentenced, and set to fry.

Then Ward James, hotshot investigative reporter for the Miami Times, returns to his rural place of origin with a loss of life row femme fatale who gives you him the tale of the decade.  She's armed with explosive facts, aiming to free--and meet--her convicted "fiancÚ."

With Ward's disenchanted more youthful brother Jack as their motive force, they barrel down Florida's again roads and seamy areas looking for the tale, racing flat out right into a stunning head-on collision among personality and destiny as fact takes a again seat to headline news...

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