The Pillars of Sand (Echoes of Empire)

The Pillars of Sand (Echoes of Empire)

Mark T. Barnes

The epic end of the Echoes of Empire trilogy.

Prophecy declared that corrupt baby-kisser Corajidin may rule the Shrīanese Federation, even turn into its new Emperor—and sinister magic has helped him defy demise as a way to do it. yet his victory isn't really guaranteed, due to clashing rival factions that prevent any makes an attempt to unify the country. although he has taken more and more brutal measures to do away with all stumbling blocks in his course, the darkish forces assisting him develop dangerously impatient. And the tougher they press, the extra drastic Corajidin’s activities develop into.

Soon, in basic terms his strongest adversaries will stand in his manner: Indris, the peerless swordsman and sorcerer who has lengthy fought to finish the Federation’s bloody turmoil; and the warrior-poet Mari, Corajidin’s personal daughter and the girl Indris loves. destiny has torn them aside, forcing them into terrifying own trials. but when Indris can deliver to undergo the devastating wisdom of the Pillars of Sand, and Mari can get up as a insurgent chief, Corajidin’s enemies will rally—and the decisive conflict for the soul and way forward for the Shrīanese will begin.

This epic story of intrigue, love, and betrayal, painted within the blood of allies and enemies by means of Mark T. Barnes, concludes the Echo of Empire trilogy that started with The backyard of Stones and The Obsidian Heart.

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