The Possibility of Knowledge

The Possibility of Knowledge

Quassim Cassam

How is wisdom of the exterior international attainable? How is wisdom of different minds attainable? How is a priori wisdom attainable? those are all examples of how-possible questions in epistemology. Quassim Cassam explains how such questions come up and the way they need to be replied.

In normal, we ask how wisdom, or wisdom of a few particular sort, is feasible after we come across hindrances to its lifestyles or acquisition. So the query is: how is wisdom attainable given some of the elements that make it glance very unlikely? A passable solution to any such query will hence have to do a number of various things. In essence, explaining how a specific type of wisdom is feasible is an issue of settling on methods of buying it, overcoming or dissipating hindrances to its acquisition, and understanding what makes it attainable to procure it.

To reply to a how-possible query during this method is to move in for what could be known as a "multi-levels" strategy. the purpose of this publication is to advance and shield this procedure. the 1st chapters carry out its benefits and clarify why it really works larger than extra common "transcendental" techniques to explaining how wisdom is feasible. the rest chapters use the multi-levels framework to provide an explanation for how perceptual wisdom is feasible, the way it is feasible to grasp of the lifestyles of minds except one's personal and the way a priori wisdom is possible.

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