The Princes' Kingdom

The Princes' Kingdom

Clinton R. Nixon

You are 9 years previous. Your brothers simply obtained you a dog in your birthday. the 3 of you're seeing the realm out of your own boat. you're the sons of the King of Islandia!

And in basic terms you 3 can cease the war.

A video game approximately young children, adults, and ideals.

The Princes’ country is a video game within which you and your pals act out the adventures of kids in remote lands. those lands are all throughout an historical ocean, and are all governed via a smart king. You play the king’s little ones, princes, despatched out to discover the dominion and support out the electorate. the dominion is huge, made of hundreds of thousands of islands, and so the king sends out his princes to survey it and discover what kind of difficulties humans have around the lands, so they may well at some point be clever rulers themselves.

The video game is electrified by means of the critically-acclaimed canine within the winery, and has a foreword from Vincent Baker, the writer of that video game.

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