The Prodigal Sun (Evergence Book 1)

The Prodigal Sun (Evergence Book 1)

Morgan Roche, commander within the intelligence arm of the Commonwealth Empires, has been charged with conserving the AI often called The field on a mystery voyage around the galaxy. yet en direction her send is ambushed by way of the Dato Bloc, and he or she is compelled to crash-land on a close-by legal planet.

Battling lethal inmates and treacherous guards, she fights her manner via a antagonistic atmosphere towards her simply desire of break out, the mysterious Adoni Cane at her facet. A genetically more suitable warrior with a earlier no longer even he can fathom, he may be the savior of the human race, or its downfall--but both manner, Morgan Roche won’t live to tell the tale with no him…

“THE PRODIGAL solar is a close-knit own tale instructed on a galaxy-sized canvas. jam-packed with motion in addition to fascinating ideas.” --Kevin J Anderson

“With echoes of classic Jack Williamson and Poul Anderson, in addition to Niven, Asimov and Vinge, Williams and Dix proudly proceed an essential culture, proving SF as assorted a box as ever.” --Asimov's

“[A] very pleasant vintage Golden Age-style yarn…. strongly prompt” --Locus

“Space opera of the formidable, galaxy-spanning sort... speedy and livid action.” --New York evaluate of SF 

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