The Pure (Werewolf: the Forsaken)

The Pure (Werewolf: the Forsaken)

Chuck Wendig, Matthew McFarland, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, James Kiley

"Child, we don't hate you for being born who you're. every one people was once born of wolf and guy, and marked by way of the moon harlot together with her silver while the switch got here on us. we can't hate you since you have been born of the blood that murdered our Father, for plenty of between us have been born of that blood as well.

"But you've gotten heard our fact, and also you reject it. you've gotten felt the wrath of the spirits, and also you don't abase yourselves prior to them. You put on the silver manufacturers of the slave with honor, instead of purging them from you with flame.

"We don't hate the ignorant baby. yet you're grown, and also you comprehend, and also you nonetheless don't kneel. And for that - you'll burn."
—Hunter's Voice, Fire-Touched

This publication includes:

• a radical therapy of the society of the natural, from their legends and heritage to modern day practices of indoctrination and penance

• a whole therapy of every of the 3 natural Tribes: Fire-Touched, Ivory Claws and Predator Kings

• A plethora of reward lists, rites, fetishes, totems and different instruments to craft the right natural werewolf or pack

• A pattern atmosphere the place the natural are on top of things, able to be used because the foundation for a chronicle or dropped into an current online game

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