The Savage Girl

The Savage Girl

Alex Shakar

what's the subsequent development -- the subsequent "killer app"? this query is particularly a lot at the brain of Ursula Van Urden, a burned-out paintings scholar who, after her twiglet sister Ivy's largely publicized suicide try, has discovered paintings as a trendspotter for the next day, Ltd., within the volcano-shadowed city of heart urban. Armed with just a comic strip pad and a mandate to "find the future," Ursula discovers a homeless lady who hunts her personal nutrients and lives in the street. This "savage lady" turns into Ursula's first development and the root for an advertisements scheme that is going madly, disastrously awry.

a very written novel that places an obsession with popular culture below the microscope, The Savage Girl is a booklet that can't be neglected, and Alex Shakar is a author brimming with talent.

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