The Sexy Vegan Cookbook: Extraordinary Food from an Ordinary Dude

The Sexy Vegan Cookbook: Extraordinary Food from an Ordinary Dude

Brian L. Patton

Are you yearning how to consume killer nutrients with no killing your self, animals, or the planet? Is your mind bloated from looking at cooking indicates that current recipes you’re by no means, ever going to make? have you ever been trying to find the way to end up in your pals that vegan nutrients might be simply as scrumptious, hearty, and pleasant because the meaty nutrition they’re familiar with? Then this can be the publication for you.

Of his trip from gazing nutrition porn on his mom and dad’ sofa to cooking in Hollywood kitchens to turning into vegan, writer Brian Patton writes:

My roommate acknowledged he didn’t recognize what made me a much bigger loser: that i used to be painstakingly protecting episodes of 30 Minute food or that i used to be attempting to disguise their life via labeling them big name Trek....Once i found that i couldn't simply live to tell the tale yet thrive with no taking the lifetime of one other being, i used to be offered. i used to be a vegan. For good.

And that’s how an “ordinary dude” turned the attractive Vegan and commenced developing “extraordinary meals” with a decidedly real-meal allure. On each web page, Brian proves that heavily strong nutrition needn’t be too serious.

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