The Shield Ring

The Shield Ring

Rosemary Sutcliff

the tale occurs in England presently after the Norman Conquest. excessive up one of the mountains of the Lake District is a mystery valley the place the Northmen (Vikings) have their final stronghold - or safeguard ring. The Normans are looking to overwhelm this final team of Northmen and convey the entire nation less than their keep watch over. To this finish they construct a fort in Carlisle and ship a military north.
Life is going on within the valley: lambing, shearing, spinning, harvesting, and making a song and storytelling within the nice corridor within the evenings - as narrated via youth. Frytha is a Saxon lady, who fled to the valley after the Normans burnt her domestic, and Bjorn, the Bear-Cub, is the foster son of the previous harper.

As the folks of the defend ring cross approximately their lives, they remain prepared for a Norman assault. Bjorn's foster father teaches him to play the Sweet-singer, a different harp that the previous harper owns, and regardless of Bjorn's enthusiasm, a mystery worry burns contained in the boy: if the Normans catch Bjorn, he may perhaps succumb to torture and show the trail to the hidden valley.
When the Northmen have to scout the level of the Norman military, Bjorn volunteers: he speaks sufficient Norman to get via and a harper can cross wherever. The younger guy units out for the Norman camp, no longer understanding that Frytha, an best friend, follows him. He does understand that if the Normans notice his espionage, even though, he'll be tortured, and his mystery worry from formative years may possibly develop into a fact.

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