The Spirit of 74: How the American Revolution Began

The Spirit of 74: How the American Revolution Began

Americans learn about the Boston Tea social gathering and “the shot heard ’round the world,” yet 16 months divided those iconic occasions, a interval that has approximately been misplaced to heritage. The Spirit of '74 fills during this hole in our nation’s founding narrative, exhibiting how in those mislaid months, step-by-step, actual humans made a revolution.

After the Tea celebration, Parliament not just close down a port but additionally revoked the sacred Massachusetts constitution. thoroughly disenfranchised, electorate rose up as a physique and eliminate British rule all over other than in Boston, the place British forces have been stationed. A “Spirit of ’74” initiated the yankee Revolution, a lot because the better-known “Spirit of ’76” sparked independence. Redcoats marched on Lexington and harmony to take again a misplaced province, yet they encountered Massachusetts militiamen who had knowledgeable for months to guard the revolution that they had already made.

The Spirit of ’74 areas our founding second in a wealthy and new historic context, either altering and deepening its that means for all Americans.

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