The Spy with 29 Names: The story of the Second World War's most audacious double agent

The Spy with 29 Names: The story of the Second World War's most audacious double agent

Jason Webster

He fought on each side within the Spanish Civil battle. He was once presented the Iron pass by means of Hitler and an MBE by means of Britain. To MI5 he was once often called Garbo. To the Abwehr, he was once Alaric. He additionally glided by Rags the Indian Poet, Mrs Gerbers, Stanley the Welsh Nationalist – and 24 different names. He tricked Hitler over D-Day. He was once the best double agent in history.

But who, precisely, was once Juan Pujol?

Using his intimate wisdom of Spain and his abilities as against the law novelist, Jason Webster tells for the 1st time the whole actual tale of the nature who captured the mind's eye in Ben Macintyre’s Double Cross. He tells of Pujol’s adolescence in Spain, his choice to struggle totalitarianism ­and his unusual trip from German secret agent to MI5. operating for the British, whom he observed because the exemplars of freedom and democracy, he created a extraordinary fictional community of spies – 29 of them – that misled the full German excessive command, together with Hitler himself. specially, in Operation Fortitude he diverted German Panzer divisions clear of Normandy, taking part in a vital position in safeguarding D-Day and finishing the warfare, and securing his recognition because the so much profitable double agent of the conflict.

Meticulously researched, but informed with the verve of a mystery, The secret agent with 29 Names uncovers the reality – a ways stranger than any fiction – concerning the undercover agent at the back of one among contemporary history’s most vital and dramatic occasions.

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