The Thousand Deaths of Mr Small

The Thousand Deaths of Mr Small

'The Thousand Deaths Of Mr Small is the simplest novel that Gerald Kersh has but written... Charles Small, profitable advertisements professional and depressing guy, turns over in his brain the 'stinking, bitter, stagnant, untransmitted mass' that's his life... This publication has a wealthy, hot caliber; lengthy and whole of aspect, it teems with humour, satire, incident, personality; in a notice, with life.' Yorkshire Post

'It see-saws from side-splitting discussion to such catalogues of loathing and revulsion as have hardly ever been visible in print, from outrageous farce to surprising compassion for the Smalls of this international, who locate Hell sufficient in 'the everlasting contemplation of themselves as they made themselves.'' New York bring in Tribune

'With fantastic descriptive energy and an emetic vocabulary, [Kersh] has produced a tormented and forceful work.' Commonweal

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