The Toyminator

The Toyminator

Robert Rankin

someplace over the rainbow and simply off the Yellow Brick street stands Toy urban, previously often called Toy city. And issues will not be going good for the city's population. there were outbreaks of STC - Spontaneous Toy Combustion - and there are unusual symptoms and portents within the Heavens.

Preachers of Toy City's many faiths are predicting that the top occasions are impending and Toy urban Apocalypse will quickly come to go. yet can this probably be actual, or is there an easy clarification - an alien invasion, for example.

With the physique count number emerging and the forces of legislations and order baffled, it's the time for a hero to breakthrough and try to retailer the day. good, heroes really, Eddie undergo, Toy urban deepest Eye and his unswerving sidekick, Jack: our brave twosome are approximately to stand their largest problem but, to avoid wasting not just toykind, however the international of mankind too.

Which may still hold them out of the pub for your time.

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