The Wind in the Willows (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

The Wind in the Willows (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

Kenneth Grahame

whilst Mole comes to a decision he has had sufficient tiresome spring-cleaning for in the future, the scrappy nonesuch throws down his broom and bolts out of his condominium searching for enjoyable and experience. He quick reveals it within the kind of the Water Rat, who takes the wide-eyed Mole boating and introduces him to the mysteries of lifestyles at the river and within the Wild wooden. Mole additionally meets Ratty’s reliable neighbors: the kindly, reliable Badger and the irrepressible Toad. quickly, the quartet’s escapades—including automobile crashes, a sojourn in prison, and a conflict with the weasels who try and take over Toad Hall—become the controversy of the animal kingdom.

Filled with typical human varieties disguised as animals, Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind within the Willows, like every exemplary children’s literature, has continually appealed enormously to grown-ups to boot. although first released in 1908, whilst “motor-cars” have been new and infrequent, The Wind within the Willows offers unusually contemporary—and uproariously funny—portraits of speed-crazed Mr. Toad, beneficiant Badger, poetic Ratty, and newly-emancipated Mole. And lurking all of the whereas in the humor and solid spirits, Grahame’s deeply felt statement on braveness, generosity, and in particular, friendship.

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