The Wizard That Wasn't (Mechanized Wizardry Book 1)

The Wizard That Wasn't (Mechanized Wizardry Book 1)

Ben Rovik

Petronaut Technician Horace Lundin does not think in magic... till he witnesses its strength first-hand.

From that time on, the steampunk scientist is ate up with an idea. What if magic didn’t need to be chaotic and messy and unreliable, just like the wizards who perform it? What if it can be so simple as throwing a change?

Lundin and his colleagues placed their reputations at the line and construct a music-box magician, designed to solid the spells programmed into its steel disks.

But they cannot continue their discovery within the defense of the workshop without end. whilst Princess Naomi is laid low by means of darkish magic, will it's human or clockwork wizardry that saves the day?

"Convincing and life like multidimensional characters... wealthy drama and intrigue... the discussion is witty and fast paced. i actually loved Rovik’s work.” --Indie e-book weblog Database.

"It's continuously a excitement to find an indie writer who is familiar with easy methods to inform a superb story..." --Mike Reeves-McMillan, writer of 'City of mask'

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