The Worlds of the Federation (Star Trek)

The Worlds of the Federation (Star Trek)

Shane Johnson

Shane Johnson, bestselling writer of Mr. Scott's consultant to the company, takes the reader on an innovative, fictional trip into the celebrity Trek universe. according to the megastar Trek adventures (including big name Trek: the subsequent new release and famous person Trek: The lively Series), this e-book makes use of thousands of big name charts and line drawings in addition to a wealthy textual content to stipulate the historical past of the worlds visited via the starship Enterprise.

The Worlds of the Federation additionally investigates the unaligned and antagonistic alien races of superstar Trek, from the fierce warriors of the Klingon Empire to the enigmatic, omnipotent Organians. And as a distinct bonus, we've integrated a fantastic, full-color insert of famous person Trek's so much unique alien lifeforms that includes work via famous technology fiction illustrator Don Ivan Punchatz.

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