The Zone of Interest: A novel

The Zone of Interest: A novel

Martin Amis

Once upon a time there has been a king, and the king commissioned his favourite wizard to create a magic replicate. This reflect didn’t exhibit you your mirrored image. It confirmed you your soul—it confirmed you who you actually were.

The wizard couldn’t examine it with no turning away. The king couldn’t examine it. The courtiers couldn’t examine it. A chestful of treasure was once provided to somebody who might examine it for sixty seconds with no turning away. And nobody could.
The sector of curiosity is a love tale with a violently unromantic atmosphere. Can love continue to exist the replicate? do we even meet each one other’s eye, when we have obvious who we actually are?

Powered by way of either wit and compassion, and in regularly shiny prose, Martin Amis’s unforgettable new novel excavates the depths and contradictions of the human soul.

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