Tide, Feather, Snow: A Life in Alaska

Tide, Feather, Snow: A Life in Alaska

Miranda Weiss

"Miranda Weiss's Tide, Feather, Snow is fantastically poetic, her observations are expansive, and the velocity and rhythm during which she writes are perfect.” — Lynne Cox, writer of Grayson and Swimming to Antarctica

"Tide, Feather, Snow is ready the resplendence and subtleties of coastal Alaska, and approximately one woman’s try and be totally found in them. Weiss serves as a talented and poetic witness to a spot present process incessant change." — Anthony Doerr, writer of The Shell Collector

A memoir of relocating to Alaska—and staying—by a author whose reward for writing approximately position and average attractiveness is comparable to John McPhee (Coming into the Country) and Jonathan Raban (Passage to Juneau).

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