Treason of the Heart: From Thomas Paine to Kim Philby

Treason of the Heart: From Thomas Paine to Kim Philby

David Pryce-Jones

Treason of the Heart is an account of British those that took up international reasons. no longer mercenaries, then, yet ideologues. just about all have been what this day we might name radicals or activists, who concept they knew greater than whichever bunch of backward or oppressed humans it was once they'd come to avoid wasting. often they have been using to others what they observed because the merits in their tradition, and so evidently meritorious used to be their tradition that they have been ready to be violent in enforcing it. a few really hated their very own nation, despite the fact that, and observed themselves selling in a foreign country the values their very own retrograde govt used to be blocking.

The publication offers with these like Thomas Paine who observed American independence because the top of the line capacity to harm England; the numerous who was hoping to unfold the French revolution after which have Napoleon triumph over England; historical characters like Lord Byron and Lawrence of Arabia who fought for the reasons that introduced them glory; ultimately those that took up Communism or Nazism. Treason of the Heart is not anything lower than the story of intellectuals deluded in regards to the influence of what they're doing – and as a result with instant connection with today’s world.

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