Trick or Treatment?: Alternative Medicine on Trial

Trick or Treatment?: Alternative Medicine on Trial

Simon Singh

Welcome to the area of other medicine.

Prince Charles is a staunch defender and hundreds of thousands of individuals swear through it; such a lot united kingdom medical professionals contemplate it to be little greater than superstition and a waste of cash. yet how do you understand which remedies particularly heal and that are almost certainly harmful?

Now eventually you will discover out, due to the bold partnership of Professor Edzard Ernst and Simon Singh. Edzard Ernst is the world's first professor of complementary medication, dependent at Exeter collage, the place he has spent over a decade analysing meticulously the facts for and opposed to substitute therapies.He is supported in his findings through Simon Singh, the well known and hugely revered technology author of a number of foreign bestsellers.

Together they've got written the definitive publication at the topic. it truly is sincere, neutral yet hard-hitting, and offers a radical exam and judgement of greater than thirty of the most well-liked remedies, reminiscent of acupuncture, homeopathy, aromatherapy, reflexology, chiropractic and natural medicine.In Trick or Treatment? the final word verdict on substitute medication is added for the 1st time with readability, medical rigour and absolute authority.

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