Vanished: A Novel

Vanished: A Novel

Danielle Steel

Vanished tells the tale of a guy and lady confronted with a virtually unthinkable tragedy—the mysterious abduction in their son.

within the past due Nineteen Thirties, within the shadow of the Lindbergh kidnapping, and as battle looms in Europe, Marielle Patterson stocks and chic new york brownstone along with her husband, Malcolm, and their little boy, Teddy. although the couple's lives are full of secrets and techniques, Marielle is a faithful spouse and mom, and Malcolm is a guy every body admires.

at the eve of Teddy's disappearance, Marielle runs into her first love, American expatriate Charles Delauney. And whilst Teddy is abducted, Charles is first blamed, then arrested. yet because the look for Teddy widens, even Marielle is scrutinized via the FBI and precise agent John Taylor. Suspicions and accusations mingle with terror and heartbreak as each chance, each failure, each worry, is remembered, tested, explored.

in the course of Charles Delauney's trial, a chain of revalations starts to resolve the approximately Marielle, Charles, and Malcolm, uncovering the factors and passions controlling their lives.

Vanished is a story of guilt, hope, suspense, and of humans drawn inexorably jointly, looking the kid who... vanished.

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