Vanished Ocean: How Tethys Reshaped the World

Vanished Ocean: How Tethys Reshaped the World

Six million years in the past, an unlimited ocean--which scientists have named Tethys--vanished from the face of the earth. How may the sort of large physique of water easily disappear? extra fascinating, how is it attainable for scientists to understand with walk in the park that Tethys existed for 1 / 4 of one billion years, a interval that comes with the whole "Age of Dinosaurs" and just about all of the "Age of Mammals," correct as much as the purpose whilst our far away ancestors started to stroll upright.

Vanished Ocean tells the interesting tale of Tethys, delivering an illuminating account of the clinical facts for the ocean's life. well known geologist Dorrik Stow describes the strong forces that formed the sea; the marine existence it as soon as held and the wealthy deposits of oil that lifestyles left in the back of; and the influence of its currents on atmosphere and weather. the tale of Tethys can also be a narrative of extinctions, floods, and notable episodes reminiscent of the digital drying up of the Mediterranean, sooner than being stuffed back through a dramatic cascade of water over the straits of Gibraltar. In telling this tale, Stow finds how geologists and oceanographers have spent years proving the previous life of Tethys, from a outstanding sequence of clues locked away in rocks now uncovered excessive up in mountain levels and buried in sediments deep underneath modern-day oceans. certainly, those myriad clues at the moment are scattered from Morocco to China and from the depths of the Caspian Sea to the top Himalayan peaks.

right here then is the gripping tale of the merging and splintering of continents, the increase and fall of mountain levels, and an old, colossal ocean that easily vanished from sight. it's a tale that reminds us of the profound influence of oceans and their currents at the surroundings, weather, and lifetime of our planet.

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