Virgin: The Untouched History

Virgin: The Untouched History

Hanne Blank

Why has an indefinable nation of being commanded the eye and fascination of the human race because the sunrise of time? In Virgin, Hanne clean brings us a innovative, wealthy and unique survey of an impressive untouched history.

From the straightforward activity of deciding on what constitutes its loss to why it concerns to us within the first position, clean will get to the center of why we even care approximately it within the first position. She tackles the truth of what we do and do not find out about virginity and gives a sweeping journey of virgins in history―from virgin martyrs to Queen Elizabeth to billboards in downtown Baltimore telling younger women it is not a "dirty word." Virgin proves, in addition, how totally modern the subject is―the butt of innumerable jokes, middle of non secular mysteries, locus of stripling angst, well known style for pornography and nucleus round which the world's strongest govt has created an extraordinary abstinence coverage. during this attention-grabbing paintings, Hanne clean exhibits for the 1st time why this is often, and why every little thing we predict we all know approximately virginity is wrong.

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