Visits from the Drowned Girl: A Novel

Visits from the Drowned Girl: A Novel

Steven Sherrill

Benny Poteat is, between different issues, a tower jockey, his existence outlined by way of up or down. Working countless numbers of ft within the air repairing stress traces and exchanging burned-out lightbulbs, he observes the area from above.

Benny has noticeable loads of issues from this vantage element, yet not anything can evaluate to gazing a lady die. She methods the river that snakes a long way less than him, units up a video digicam, and walks purposefully into the speeding water, by no means to reappear. Startled at either what he’s witnessed and his lack of ability to avoid it, Benny hurries down the tower to the scene of her loss of life. What he does subsequent will perpetually regulate the process his existence: He does not anything. He gathers up the drowned girl’s property and doesn’t inform a soul what he observed.

Instead, Benny visits the deal with on a company card he reveals within the drowned girl’s bag and slowly insinuates himself into the lifestyles she as soon as lived. yet at the same time he immerses himself in her international, he wonders: What does it suggest to observe somebody die? And what can clarify his unusual charm to the drowned woman?

Through a labyrinth of explanation and denial, Benny struggles to determine who to inform and what to do, until eventually it turns into not just impractical yet really most unlikely for him to ever demonstrate his mystery, the weight of which quickly turns into unbearable.

Visits from the Drowned Girl is a story in regards to the seductive yet eventually pernicious nature of secrecy. we're all voyeurs, to at least one measure or one other. The query is, at what element will we turn into liable for the issues we see?

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