Voyage of Terror (Grail Quest, Book 4)

Voyage of Terror (Grail Quest, Book 4)

J. H. Brennan

Avalon is lower than assault. The Saxon hordes are advancing opposed to the dominion and the magic sword Excalibur, defender of the world, has vanished. yet a freak coincidence of Merlin's magic delivery you to old Greece - faraway from the determined conflict opposed to the invaders...

Cast adrift aboard a vessel of astonishing gold and stripped of your guns and magic spells, you want to confront a bunch of hideous enemies. are you able to conquer the large, one-eyed Cyclops, the loathsome Harpy, the hammer-wielding Vulcan, and the lively corpse of a rotting mummy - after which navigate your manner via Time again to Avalon?

Only the main robust heroes will live to tell the tale the Voyage of Terror...

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