Wa and Ga

Wa and Ga

William Imbrie

the proper use of Ga and Wa is likely one of the puzzles in jap. For this there's a reason.

In English, to some extent of which we're subconscious, colours of concept are expressed by means of emphasis and tone. we are saying : the letter has come; the letter has come ; the letter has come ; the letter has come ; the letter has come ; and every sentence has a coloration of which means of its personal. So actual is that this that to a jap a lot of our speech turns out a succession of ridges. in comparison with English, eastern is a degree plain.

What in English is entire via emphasis and tone is in eastern in nice half finished by means of the debris Ga and Wa. those are very diversified tools ; and the trouble is to narrate them, a problem tremendously elevated by means of the truth that either tools are used instinctively.

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