Watermelons: The Green Movement's True Colors

Watermelons: The Green Movement's True Colors

James Delingpole

British writer James Delingpole tells the surprising tale of ways an unholy mixture of junk technology, eco-friendly hype, company greed and political opportunism resulted in the most important - and costliest - outbreak of mass hysteria in history.

In Watermelons, Delingpole explains the Climategate scandal, the solid of characters concerned, their explanations and techniques. He delves into the history of the organisations and people who have sought to push worldwide warming to the head of the political schedule, displaying that underneath their cloak of eco-friendly lurks a center of pink.

Watermelons indicates how the medical procedure has been sacrificed at the altar of weather alarmism. Delingpole mocks the fairway movement's pathetic list of apocalyptic predictions, from the "population bomb" to worldwide cooling, which did not materialize. He finds the basic misanthropy of eco-friendly ideology, "rooted in hatred of the human species, hell bent on destroying virtually every thing guy has achieved".

Delingpole provides a fresh voice to frequent public skepticism over international warming, emphasising that the "crisis" has been engineered via humans looking to keep watch over our lives by means of implementing new taxes and laws. "Your taxes can be raised, your liberties curtailed and your cash squandered to house this 'crisis'", he writes.

At its very roots, argues Delingpole, weather switch is an ideological conflict, now not a systematic one. eco-friendly at the outdoors, pink at the inside of, the liberty-loathing, humanity-hating "watermelons" of the trendy environmental move don't need to avoid wasting the realm. they need to rule it.

Delingpole is the bestselling British author who helped divulge the Climategate scandal in his Daily Telegraph weblog. He additionally writes a column for The Spectator. His different books contain 365 how you can force a Liberal loopy (Regnery, 2010) and Welcome to Obamaland (Regnery, 2009).

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