Ween's Chocolate and Cheese (33 1/3)

Ween's Chocolate and Cheese (33 1/3)

Hank Shteamer

Ween now feels like an enduring fixture at the pop-cultural panorama, but if the band first hit MTV within the early '90s, their durability wasn't so safe. approximately twenty years on, notwithstanding, Aaron "Gene Ween" Freeman and Mickey "Dean Ween" Melchiondo preside over some of the most committed cult fan bases in American song. So how precisely did Ween be capable of go beyond joke-band oblivion?

One resolution is that, within the years following their MTV leap forward, Ween progressively polished their output, turning their staunchly primitive musical sketches into hi-fi work. Chocolate and Cheese, published in 1994, marked Freeman and Melchiondo's first the most important steps during this path. in accordance with new, in-depth interviews with either contributors of Ween, in addition to manufacturer Andrew Weiss and colleagues starting from Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) to Spike Jonze, this publication explores the song-by-song production of Chocolate and Cheese and the way the album served as a bridge among Ween's unique two-guys-and-a-4-track incarnation and the wealthy, virtuosic rock & roll strength they'd later become.

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