Werewolf: the Forsaken

Werewolf: the Forsaken

Matthew McFarland, Carl Bowen, Adam Tinworth, James Kiley, Rick Jones

complete Moon Rising

The international is in shadow. to at least one part stretches the wooded area, to the opposite town. Your claws are stained with blood. Your senses whisper of prey that runs ahead of you, and of predators who stalk even the likes of you. You listen the howls of your brothers and sisters. Luna rises. Your blood boils. it's time to hunt.

Wolves on the Door

Werewolf: The Forsaken the sport of bestial violence and supernatural terror is the second one center surroundings sourcebook meant to be used with White Wolf's new Storytelling System™. Werewolves are creatures of unique sin, tainted through ancestral crimes and pushed to seek by way of the disgrace of being deserted. This booklet information what it really is to be Forsaken, one of many Tribes of the Moon. Create your individual werewolf pack and search redemption or provide in for your savage nature.

For use with the area of Darkness Rulebook.

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