What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism

What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism

Fred Magdoff

Praise for Foster and Magdoff’s The nice monetary Crisis: during this well timed and thorough research of the present monetary concern, Foster and Magdoff discover its roots and the novel alterations that may be undertaken in reaction. . . . This e-book makes a priceless contribution to the continuing exam of our present debt situation, person who merits our complete attention.—Publishers Weekly

There is a becoming consensus that the planet is heading towards environmental disaster: weather swap, ocean acidification, ozone depletion, international freshwater use, lack of biodiversity, and chemical pollutants all threaten our destiny except we act. what's much less transparent is how humanity should still reply. The modern environmental move is the positioning of many competing plans and prescriptions, and composed of a various set of actors, from militant activists to company leader executives.

This brief, readable booklet is a sharply argued manifesto for these environmentalists who reject schemes of “green capitalism” or piecemeal reform. Environmental and monetary students Magdoff and Foster contend that the fight to opposite ecological degradation calls for a company grab of financial truth. Going extra, they argue that efforts to reform capitalism alongside environmental strains or count exclusively on new expertise to avoid disaster misses the purpose. the most explanation for the looming environmental catastrophe is the riding good judgment of the process itself, and people in power—no topic how “green”—are incapable of constructing the adjustments which are necessary.

What each Environmentalist must learn about Capitalism tackles the 2 greatest problems with our time, the ecological main issue and the faltering capitalist economic system, in a fashion that's thorough, available, and likely to impress debate within the environmental movement.

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