What Ifs? of American History

What Ifs? of American History

Robert Cowley

Did Eisenhower keep away from a showdown with Stalin by way of no longer taking Berlin ahead of the Soviets? What may need occurred if JFK hadn't been assassinated? This new quantity within the extensively praised sequence provides interesting "what if..." eventualities by way of such favourite historians as: Robert Dallek, Caleb Carr, Antony Beevor, John Lukacs, Jay Winick, Thomas Fleming, Tom Wicker, Theodore Rabb, Victor David Hansen, Cecelia Holland, Andrew Roberts, Ted Morgan, George Feifer, Robert L. O'Connell, Lawrence Malkin, and John F. Stacks.

Included are crucial bonus essays reprinted from the unique New York Times bestseller What If?-David McCullough imagines Washington's disastrous defeat on the conflict of new york, and James McPherson envisions Lee's profitable invasion of the North in 1862.

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