When Elves Die

When Elves Die

Richard Poche

“Every unmarried elf will disappear from the face of the earth.”

Princess Carella reads this prophecy within the e-book of Arcanscape and is familiar with that the darkish Queen will cease at not anything to make it come actual. Carella travels with a gaggle of missionaries around the land to provide her reward of therapeutic and recruit different elven tribes to aid sign up for the conflict opposed to the darkish Queen.

while Carella and her missionary crew move lacking, an outdated barbarian named Kelroar is employed through the village cleric Ricmorn to discover them. however the darkish Queen has her personal barbarian within the type of Tholan the scary. more youthful and swifter, Tholan readies to take the mantle from Kelroar because the fiercest fighter within the land.

Marshaling her forces of Killtooths, a breed of vampire elves, the darkish Queen starts off her siege on Carella's village because the meet head on in a collision among darkness and the sunshine.

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