Where Can Peace Be Found?

Where Can Peace Be Found?

J. Krishnamurti

widely known as the most influential non secular lecturers of the 20 th century, Jiddu Krishnamurti taught that during order for there to be peace on the earth, we needs to each one first make peace with ourselves. No religious course, chief, or own or political philosophy will advisor us during this exercise, he stated; this modification of the human psyche is a fact that every people needs to realize inside.

Here, Krishnamurti teaches that the warfare and destruction people wreak on one another and the surroundings are brought on by our lost attachment to a feeling of self and individuality that ends up in aggression, festival, greed, and clash. once we realize that our realization isn't really person yet universal to all people, we will interact in a spirit of cooperation and compassion. Krishnamurti exhibits that taking own accountability for our activities and reactions—in our relations and in our lives—is the mandatory first step towards a world view.

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