Where the Ships Die

Where the Ships Die

William C. Dietz

Somewhere, deep within the immense blackness of area, a wormhole waits to be stumbled on. Dorn Voss must locate it. yet, the stakes are excessive and he's not the one one taking a look. usual taking place wormholes are the lone technique of intergalactic commute within the universe. Whoever controls them profits riches and gear unbelievable. The coordinates of 1 such wormhole, the Mescalaro hole, are misplaced, hidden in the back of conspiracy and homicide. With a prize so nice, many a guy or alien may do something to discover these coordinates and keep watch over the universe.

In Where the Ships Die, writer William C. Dietz creates a dense event jam-packed with complicated characters and a number of storylines all crashing headlong in the direction of one ultimate confrontation.

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