Wild Card (Raine Benares)

Wild Card (Raine Benares)

Lisa Shearin

My identify is Raine Benares. i am a seeker, a finder of items misplaced and other people lacking. i have by no means needed to do either in a single day, or had this many lives at stake--including mine.

The look for a lacking ring leads me to the kidnapping of 8 magically talented young children. Their souls have been stolen whereas they slept, and until i locate these souls by means of dawn, their our bodies will die.

Both situations have something in common--they're associated with a goblin mystery society high-stakes poker video game, whose participants are practitioners of the blackest of black magic. As a seeker, i will be able to tune these captured kid's souls, yet to spring them will take magic i don't have.

That's the place Tamnais Nathrach is available in. he is the seductive embodiment of sin itself. he is additionally a goblin darkish mage with a good darker previous, the landlord of the city's so much infamous casino--and the one individual with magic sufficient to arrive the children in time.

Why are the main risky predators the main appealing?

The stakes are excessive; the percentages of luck are low. and i am making a bet with my life--a existence i will need to belief to a darkly tempting goblin mage I simply met.

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