Wizard Born: Book One of the Wizard Born Series

Wizard Born: Book One of the Wizard Born Series

Geof Johnson

whilst Eddan, an historic sorcerer, is mortally wounded by way of a sour rival, he escapes to Earth and provides himself an opportunity to be reborn as Jamie Sikes. The boy grows up oblivious to his nature, secure and safe in a loving relations. Or so he thinks.

Jamie is destined to turn into a sorcerer, and the extra Eddan’s thoughts and gear bubble up in Jamie’s awareness, the extra strong he turns into. yet he reveals out it’s no longer all enjoyable and video games while he realizes that Eddan’s previous enemy is searching him down.

Jamie and everybody he loves are doomed until Jamie can the way to use every piece of the traditional magic Eddan instilled in him.

He wasn’t simply born to turn into a wizard. he's a wizard born.

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