Women Poets in Ancient Greece and Rome

Women Poets in Ancient Greece and Rome

Ellen Greene

Although Greek society used to be principally male-dominated, it gave upward push to a robust culture of lady authorship. ladies poets of historic Greece and Rome have lengthy interested readers, even supposing a lot in their poetry survives simply in fragmentary form.

This pathbreaking quantity is the 1st choice of essays to check nearly all surviving poetry via Greek and Roman ladies. It elevates the prestige of the poems by means of demonstrating their intensity and artistry. Edited and with an advent through Ellen Greene, the amount covers a huge time span, starting with Sappho (ca. 630 b.c.e.) in archaic Greece and lengthening to Sulpicia (first century B.C.E.) in Augustan Rome. of their analyses, the participants situate the feminine poets in a longtime male culture, yet in addition they display their exceedingly “feminine” views. regardless of hoping on literary conference, the feminine poets usually defy cultural norms, talking of their personal voices and transcending their positions as gadgets of derision in male-authored texts. of their leading edge reworkings of validated kinds, ladies poets of old Greece and Rome should not mere imitators yet creators of a special and unique physique of work.

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