Xenocide: Volume Three of the Ender Quintet

Xenocide: Volume Three of the Ender Quintet

Orson Scott Card

The battle for survival of the planet Lusitania may be fought within the center of a kid named Gloriously Bright.

On Lusitania, Ender stumbled on an international the place people and pequininos and the Hive Queen may possibly all stay jointly; the place 3 very diverse clever species may well locate universal flooring ultimately. Or so he thought.

Lusitania additionally harbors the descolada, an endemic that kills all people it infects, yet which the pequininos require to be able to turn into adults. The Startways Congress so fears the results of the descolada, should still it break out from Lusitania, that they've ordered the destruction of the full planet, and all who stay there. The Fleet is on its approach, a moment xenocide turns out inevitable.

Xenocide is the 3rd novel in Orson Scott Card's Ender Quintet.

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