You Must Remember This: poems

You Must Remember This: poems

Michael Bazzett

A woozy good judgment dominates those poems: a middle can develop into a humming hive of bees, a hen can set off a chain of bombs, a tender guy can include a urban bus as his spirit animal. but Bazzett slices via his poems with a deadly humorousness. “Your humor is deft and slicing / my hands off one by way of one," as one poem places it. as soon as dismembered, Bazzett's poems can re-member us and piece jointly the ways that we as soon as suggestion we knew ourselves, making a new, unusual feel of self.

A meditation on who we're, who we've been, and what we would turn into, Bazzett's writing is sort of a word written in invisible ink: partly what we see at the web page, but additionally but additionally the “many dozen doors that we don't stroll via every one day." you need to be mindful it is a continuously slippery, enrapturing choice of poems.

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