Young Winstone

Young Winstone

Ray Winstone

From the boxing golf equipment of Seventies East London to Hollywood's purple carpets—the knockout autobiography of 1 of Britain's best-loved actors

Ray Winstone's outstanding expertise for bringing out the humanity buried within his usually brutal reveal characters—violent criminal in Scum, wife-beater in Nil by way of Mouth, retired blagger in Sexy Beast—has made him some of the most charismatic actors of his new release. yet how do those uncompromising and sometimes haunting performances sq. along with his off-duty acceptance because the final salt-of-the-earth diamond geezer? the reply lies within the East finish of his early life. Revisiting the bomb-sites and boozers of his adolescence and youth, Ray Winstone takes the reader on an unforgettable travel of a cockney heartland that is instantly irresistibly mythic and undeniably genuine. advised with its author's trademark combination of brutal directness and roguish wit, Young Winstone bargains a desirable perception into the social historical past of East London, in addition to a college of challenging knocks coming-of-age tale with a strong emotional punch.

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