Zero Decibels: The Quest for Absolute Silence

Zero Decibels: The Quest for Absolute Silence

Have our noise-soaked lives pushed us mad? And is absolute silence an very unlikely goal—or the single factor that may keep us? a full of life story of 1 man’s quest to discover the grail of overall quiet.---

“ I don’t be aware of at what element noise turned insupportable for me,” George Michelsen Foy writes as he remembers status on a subway platform in new york, fingers clamped firmly over his ears, face contorted in soreness. yet in simple terms then does Foy notice how beaten he's through the city’s noise and vow to search out absolute silence, if such a lack of sound might be discovered.Foy starts his quest via sporting a pocket-sized decibel meter to degree sound degrees within the components he frequents most—the subway, the neighborhood café, varied rooms of his apartment—as good because the locations he visits that tell his seek, together with the Parisian catacombs, Joseph Pulitzer’s “silent vault,” the snowy expanses of the Berkshires, and a massive nickel mine in Canada, the place he travels greater than a mile underground to flee all human-made sound. alongside the best way, Foy experiments with noise-canceling headphones, floatation tanks, and silent meditation earlier than he eventually tackles a Minnesota laboratory’s anechoic chamber that the Guinness ebook of global documents calls “the quietest position on earth,” and the place not anyone has ever continued even forty-five mins on my own in its pitch-black inside earlier than discovering the silence intolerable.Drawing on heritage, technology, journalistic reportage, philosophy, faith, and private reminiscence, in addition to conversations with specialists in quite a few fields whom he meets in the course of his odyssey, Foy reveals solutions to his questions: How does one outline silence? Did humans ever event silence of their early heritage? what's the courting among noise and area? What are the consequences of silence and our desire for it—physically, mentally, emotionally, politically? Does absolute silenceactually exist? if that is so, can we actually need to listen to it? And if we do listen it, what does it suggest to us?According to the Environmental security corporation, 30 million american citizens be afflicted by environment-related deafness in today’s electronic age of pervasive sound and  sensory overload. approximately an identical quantity be afflicted by tinnitus, a situation, additionally environmentally comparable, that  makes silence very unlikely in even the quietest locations. In this appreciate, Foy’s quest for silence represents greater than  an easy mental inquiry; either his queries and his  findings aid to respond to the query “How will we reside  saner, fitter lives today?”

Innovative, perceptive, and delightfully written, Zero Decibels will definitely swap how we understand and have fun with the soundscape of our lives.

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